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One effect of the virus is that we have been seeing an increase of notices sent out to our clients by the IRS and GA Department of Revenue. The majority of the penalties that have been charged are incorrect. To get the IRS to correct their mistake Dan has to respond to each notice individually. To do this, we must mail in some documents to have the IRS adjust your account. Oftentimes, a human representative does not receive or process these documents before another automated notice is sent to you. Due to the virus and staffing issues they are running about three months behind, and this is why you may continue to receive notices. Since there is record of our response, there shouldn’t be any collection activity. They will eventually process the documents we send, and you will be contacted by them when it is cleared. Unfortunately, calling the IRS is virtually impossible at this time with it taking multiple hours of phone calls to speak to a representative, so our only option is to mail in our response.

What should you do if you receive a notice?

Notify us of the notice by sending it via email ( or via fax (770-594-7406), and we will submit your documents for correction. After we submit the documents we unfortunately have to play the waiting game until it is processed.

We know this is frustrating and can be scary, but we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to get these issues resolved as promptly as possible. 


The IRS will mail out 2 letters around January 19 that could be critical for your return documentation.

Form 6419 - Shows what you may have received in advanced child tax credits

Form 6475 - Shows what you may have received in stimulus money (from March)


Some clients may have received phone calls from unfamiliar numbers or caller ID's: "unknown," "Washington, D.C.," or "Private."  These callers are stating that you owe money, that the IRS is after you, or even that you will get arrested if you don't pay. Please be aware that these phone calls are a scam! This is not how the IRS handles collections.

These callers are very intimidating and are using telemarketing tactics to get ahold of you. Try not to answer these calls and be sure to not call them back.


Keeping your Social Security number safe is very critical. If we file your return and then receive a message stating that a return has already been filed, this could mean that your Social Security number has been compromised. Someone may have filed a fake return using your number before you did in an effort to fool the IRS into giving a fake refund. This is something that may take 6-9 months to clear up, but it usually does not affect your credit, unless they open accounts/credit in your name. Always be careful opening emails that ask for information as they may look like they originated from the actual company but didn't.

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