This list is a general list of information you should gather for Dan to complete your returns.
Not all items will apply to all clients.

If you do not have all of these documents at the time of drop off, you may need to send them to us once received.

Please e-mail any additional documentation to us at

You can also drop them off at the office at your convenience. If the office is closed, please utilize the mail drop-off slot found at the bottom of the door.



  • All W2's from employer(s)

  • Forms reporting any unemployment income you may have received

  • Forms 1099 - extra income you might have earned during the year

  • Forms 1099 - for dividends & interest earned

  • Forms 1099 - for any pension retirement income or IRA distributions

  • Forms 1098 from stock brokerage accounts 

    • sometimes mailed in late February​

  • Form 6419 - for any advanced child tax credits you may have received in 2021

  • Form 6475 - for any money you may have received in stimulus checks in 2021

  • Information on any stock sales made during the year

    • plus any information on your cost of the stocks you may have sold​

  • Summary of any expenses and income you may have earned in any side business you operated during the year


  • Social Security cards

    • only for children born in 2021

  • Driver's License

    • only if you moved to Georgia this year​

  • Last years return

    • only if it was prepared by someone other than Dan​

  • Form 1095-A

    • only if you obtained medical insurance on the Obamacare Marketplace website ​

  • Form 1098-T

    • only if you paid college tuition for you or your children​

    • usually the college will send you the form

  • Forms reporting any interest paid on student loans

  • Closing documents

    • only if you had real estate sales/purchases in 2021​

    • usually just the settlement statement (front & back)


  • End-of-year receipts from churches, Goodwill, and other charities

  • End-of-year statement from mortgage or home equity loan

    • details the total interest paid along with the property tax amounts​​​

  • Schedule K-1 for partnerships, corporations, and trusts

  • Name, address, & tax id number of child care providers